For more than 35 years, AREV, the Assembly of European Wine Regions, has been defending wine-growing regions and their territories.

Since 24 June 2022, the AREV has expressed its strongest opposition to the draft SUR regulation. This directive aimed to drastically reduce the use of plant protection products, without taking into account the legitimate observations of the professions concerned.  The Commission, dictated solely by an environmental agenda and without taking into account the economic and social pillars of the rural world, continued to maintain this draft despite our appeals.  Without profitability, there is no sustainability, neither social nor environmental.

Although AREV has always wanted to move towards a greener Europe, it has never wanted this transition to be carried out at the risk of jeopardising the economic and social sustainability of our European winegrowers and farmers who carry out rural development and care for our environment.

Despite AREV’s numerous comments and observations, the European Commission has continued to listen with particular attention to words with an environmentalist bent, ignoring the growing feeling of an imminent revolt in the countryside against decisions that were to be taken without any link to the reality on the ground.

It took the tractors to enter Brussels for what was impossible yesterday to become possible, i.e. to eliminate this proposal at a stroke.  This is not about polarisation. Technically, it is about inadequate rules, in terms of lack of contextual analysis, lack of real information on the ground, lack of tools in their global term and lack of implementation deadlines.

Although the AREV welcomes the decision to suspend the SUR directive, which is detrimental to viticulture in its current form, the AREV will remain vigilant and attentive to the forthcoming proposals for a new version of the SUR II directive.

With this decision, the AREV welcomes the opening, on 25 January, of a strategic dialogue on the future of agriculture. AREV calls for this strategic dialogue not to be a smokescreen but an opportunity to raise public awareness of the difficulties facing European viticulture.

In doing so, AREV will make the voices of European wine-growing regions and their winegrowers heard.



Picture Credits: EP Plenary Session. 6 February 2024
Frederic MARVAUX
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