Assembly of European Wine Regions

AREV welcomes the decision of the President of the European Commission to cancel the Regulation on the sustainable use of pesticides (SUR) and welcomes the opening of a strategic dialogue on the future of EU agriculture.

For more than 35 years, AREV, the Assembly of European Wine Regions, has been defending wine-growing regions and their territories. Since 24 June 2022, the AREV has expressed its strongest opposition to the draft SUR regulation. This directive aimed to drastically...

AREV supports farmers’ civic protest movements across Europe

Winegrowers and agricultural producers are demonstrating in Europe, faced with the imbalance between the objectives set out in the European framework and the lack of realistic solutions, resulting from the immobility of the European institutions.   For 35 years,...


The Assembly of European Wine Regions (AREV) is a structure for dialogue and generation of proposals, founded in 1988. Its political-professional composition allows it to unite its strengths, taking into account both perspectives and, at the same time, have direct dialogue with the European institutions.


The AREV represents 41 European wine regions, with political representation and representation from the professional wine organizations of each of them.
This duality of the AREV combines, in an advantageous way and with democratic legitimacy, the rigor of the professional world of the group of agents in the wine sector of each region with the support and criteria of the regional institutions, giving it legitimacy governed by its statutes.


With its dual representativeness, the AREV works with all institutions and organizations directly or indirectly responsible for European or global wine policy and participates in all matters related to vine, wine and related activities.



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