In a political context marked by the vote on nature restoration in the European Parliament, viticulture on the continent faces pressing challenges.

On the eve of the high-profile event at PROWEIN (Düsseldorf), the Assembly of European Wine Regions (AREV) expresses its deep concern about the bleak outlook for the sector. Recent demonstrations have not led to any concrete commitments, and AREV urgently calls for awareness-raising and action on the part of the incoming MEPs.

It is clear that European viticulture is at a critical crossroads, and AREV urges the future representatives of the Parliament not to neglect the importance of this sector in their speeches and political agendas. With less than 100 days to go before the renewal of the Parliament, the AREV demands that the political parties honour their commitments to viticulture, calling for a genuine political will to reverse the situation.

AREV’s concern also extends to the decline in consumption in certain wine segments and the devastating impact of climate change on vineyards. We advocate solutions that adapt production to these challenges, promoting close collaboration between regions, countries and the European Commission. Instead of looking for scapegoat, AREV advocates a joint approach to finding sustainable solutions.

In this pre-electoral period, AREV calls for an unprecedented mobilisation of political and professional actors, calling to work together in the search for effective solutions to ensure the sustainable future of European viticulture.