Wine news continues to be marked in this June by the Covid-19 pandemic and the response at European and national levels to respond to the crisis. 

06/04 France: Crisis distillation begins on June 5. Closing of files on the 19th 

 Decision taken by the FR government : Europe will finance up to 80 million euros, France for 75 million euros. In total, crisis distillation in France has a budget of 155 million euros. 145 million will go to operators and 10 million to distilleries.

06/10 Spain: “Unión de Uniones” estimates that the COVID19 wine package is insufficient to meet the aid demands

 The Spanish Union of Unions of Farmers and Ranchers, estimates that the endowment of 90 million euros is going to fall short to meet all needs and it calls for speed in processing both for green harvesting and for distillation and storage. Indeed, the yield limitation penalizes the most productive winegrowers.

06/11 Italy. Cooperative Alliance: late on crisis distillation, Ministry fixes higher amounts 

There is concern in the world of wine cooperation, which holds 58% of all Italian wine produced, compared to the times and above all the ways in which crisis distillation will be implemented, a measure that should be financed with an allocation of 50 million euro, to be recovered as part of the National Support Plan, and still awaiting the application decree.

06/15 Wine, Italy holds in non-EU markets (+ 5.1%) in the first 4 months of the year

According the data from the Vinitaly-Nomisma Wine Monitor Observatory, in the first 4 months of 2020 Italy surprisingly marks + 5.1% in wine exports to non-EU countries on the same period of the previous year, thanks the excellent performance in the United States (+ 10.8%, for 613 million euros, in the first 2 months the figure was + 40%) and in Canada (+ 7.1%, for 116 million euros). Negative performance for the French wine (-10.1%), in retreat in its key destinations.

06/17 Wine Paris and Vinexpo Paris will only have one show 

After a first edition together in 2020, Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris will be together again in one event from February 15 to 17, 2021.

06/18 COVID-19: MEPs approve part of aid package for wine, fruit and vegetable growers 

Parliament endorsed one set of exceptional market measures to help EU wine, fruit and vegetable producers. The other one, slammed before as insufficient, is still on hold.

06/18 Italy. Crisis distillation, agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture and the State-Regions Conference 

50 million euros available to distill wine, which come from the unspent EU funds for promotion and investments.

06/19 Bourgogne less impacted by Covid-19 than feared 

The Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB) has recorded an overall dip in exports of 1.8% by volume for the first four months of 2020.

06/19 Vinitaly relaunches: in November Wine2Wine Exhibition (and Forum) and Opera Wine 2020 (with Wine Spectator) 

Vinitaly relaunches its activities: from 6 to 10 November, the “physical” edition of the Merano Wine Festival is scheduled, from 22 to 24 November Verona returns to the capital of Italian wine, with Wine2Wine Business Forum (which will focus on Wine Business in the post Covid-19 era), and the new Wine2Wine Exhibition.

06/23 The European Wine Regions demand specific market mechanisms and more funds 

The Assembly of European Viticultural Regions (AREV), which is currently chaired by Castilla-La Mancha, has requested this Tuesday, June 23, that specific market mechanisms be activated and that the European Commission make more funds available to the European wine sector , to face the difficult situation caused by the health crisis. It has asked as well for a High Level Group to be set up to work on the relaunch of the EU wine sector.

06/24 Tariffs on European Wines Never Went Away—the Trump Administration Begins a Review of the Duties this Week 

The U.S. and European Union are no closer to an agreement on airplane manufacturers, meaning wine sellers and consumers could continue to suffer.

06/24 Italy. Green light from the Ministry of Agriculture for the transformation of wine into disinfectant gel 

The expected application decree, funded by the European Union, which aims to face the deep crisis of Italian wine after the lockdown has been published.

06/24 Spain. The Covid-19 crisis continues to seriously affect 94% of Spanish wineries 

A survey of wineries reveals that 94% of companies are seriously affected and suffer losses of up to 54% in the first half of the year. On the other hand, 61% of wineries begin to perceive improvements in export markets and online sales increase by 161%.

06/24 Portugal. New Wines of Portugal president outlines key priorities 

New Wines of Portugal president Frederico Falcão has pointed out his priorities for his three-year mandate.

06/24 Milano Wine Week goes digital for 2020  

Milano Wine Week will run as a digital event this October across 10 major world cities, including London, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Moscow. 

06/25 ‘First conviction’ over fake Bordeaux wines in China  

Bordeaux’s wine council has claimed a landmark victory in its battle against counterfeits in China, with the help of local authorities. 

06/25 MEP De Castro: “for wine, fresh resources for the promotion and co-financing of 60% for the CMO” 

De Castro: “In response to the objection raised by the S&D group, EU Agriculture Commissioner has collected part of Parliament’s proposals. In particular, for wine we expect fresh resources for promotion, and therefore an increase in appropriations, but also an increase in co-financing from 50 to 60% of the whole CMO measure (therefore restructuring of the plants, green harvest and so on).

06/29 Californian grape growers could suffer $437m losses 

Wine Grape growers in California could stand to lose US $ 437 million as a result of Covid-19, according to analysis which has examined the impact of the fall in on-premise sales. 

06/29 France: The envelope for distillation is not enough. More than 3 million hl of wine committed 

Winegrowers, cooperators and traders have requested distillation for around 3.3 million hectoliters. The envelope obtained to finance this crisis measure only allowed distilling less than 2 million hl.

06/30 COVID-19: Commission launches two additional calls for promotion programme proposals 

Fruit and vegetables, wine, live plants, milk and milk products, and potatoes for transformation are the sectors eligible for the promotion support of €10 million (€5 million for multi programmes and €5 million for simple programmes). These calls target the sectors most hit by the crisis. The promotion programmes will have to be implemented in the EU or any third country, and for a duration of one year.

06/30 “No technical but political problems” for European aid for wine sector 

the European Commission initially indicates that it cannot finance measures to support the vineyard from the ceiling margins, because it mobilized them for humanitarian missions.

06/30 Australia. Zero is the new hero: Non-alcoholic drinks sales more than double 

Sales of non-alcoholic beer and wine have more than doubled in the last year, and is one of the fastest growing categories according to sales data from BWS and Dan Murphy’s.