Yesterday, the European wine sector was dealt a severe blow by the result of the vote by which the European Parliament’s Committee on the fight against cancer (BECA) approved the compromise report “Reinforcing Europe in the fight against cancer: towards a comprehensive and coordinated strategy”.

The AREV regrets the outcome of this vote, as the compromise document adopted lays a foundation that threatens the wine sector and the entire economic, social, and environmental fabric of the European regions, as well as European culture and thus the Mediterranean Diet, a Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage, by equating the treatment and consumption of wine with that of high-proof alcoholic beverages.

The AREV considers that responsible consumption should be at the heart of policies to prevent and combat excessive consumption and that everything should not be simplistically lumped together under the term alcohol, nor should messages be sent out that contribute to confusing consumers by considering all modes of consumption in a similar way.

The AREV also calls on the MEPs to reflect on this issue and to make a prudent, responsible and comprehensive assessment in view of the vote at the next plenary session at the end of January, giving wine the place it deserves in their role as European representatives, as a foodstuff that is part of Europe’s roots, its culture and its territory, especially given the disastrous consequences that the direct application of what is set out in the approved document would have for viticulture, winegrowers and all those involved in this sector.

The amendment of this text, which is still incomplete, will make the survival of the wine sector, of our culture, and the implementation of a strategy to combat cancer compatible.