Meeting in plenary session at Poreč (Istria, Croatia), the political and professional representatives of the Assembly of European Wine Regions (AREV), after having exchanged their experiences on the implementation of the reform of the Wine CMO and in accordance with the provisions adopted at Evora 2009 and earlier, unanimously adopted the following resolution:

Noting the difficult situation on the wine markets in most European regions, despite the significant grubbing-up and promotion measures adopted since 2008, the AREV fears that the main objectives of the reform, which were to increase the competitiveness of European producers, regain market shares on the world market and restore the balance between supply and demand, will not be achieved. On the contrary, the Commission fears that the deregulation initiated will increase adverse socio-economic effects, in particular for small and medium-sized farms.

In this context, the AREV demands that the evaluation of the effects of the reform imposed on the Commission by the Council of Ministers on 18/19 December 2008 and stipulated in Article 184 No 8 of Regulation EC 1234/2007 should not be a simple progress report, but an opportunity to assess the need to modify the reform, in the light of its economic, social and environmental impact, namely:

  • the maintenance of the general framework of planting rights;
  • the maintenance and strengthening of the vineyard register;
  • maintaining the labelling rules that differentiate between PDO/PGI and other wines;
  • maintaining the financial provisions specific to the wine sector in the first pillar;
  • the freedom of the Member States to direct EU aid (promotion outside or inside the EU or to vineyards of a special character, such as steep slopes, etc.).

The AREV also reiterates its urgent request for the creation of a European Vine Growing Observatory, which would make it possible to know the precise current state in the various regions and States.