AREV is pleased with the consensual result of extending the planting rights regime until 2045.  This extension of the vineyard-planting regime in line with the approach taken by the AREV and is in line with the position of the Council and the Parliament.  The AREV is grateful to the co-legislators for the attention they have paid to its demands, which provide the necessary visibility that the sector requires.

Concerning the expected intervention done by the Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas,  requesting an additional financial means for viticulture, this approach was supported by 13 countries so that will require a further discussion, during the next AGRIFISH Council which will take place on 26 and 27 April 2021.

Today, the wine sector needs an exceptional three-year recovery plan financed with “fresh” money, for which the AREV urges the European politicians in the Parliament, the regions, and the professionals to intensify its support to this both a demand and a necessity for the sector, given its major economic and social role in rural areas, its contribution to the environment and the landscape of European wine-growing regions, as well as being part of the essence of European culture.