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New variety breeding techniques

New breeding techniques / Monthly watch September 2020

This month hot topic on New Breeding Techniques focused mainly on a controversial new study published on “Food” describing experiments which could lead to potentially “detect GMOs derived from genome-editing techniques”. 

In Germany, CDU/CSU underlined its view that “it should not be regulated as genetically modified organisms “. In Germany as well, a new experimental use of CRISPR/Cas by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology succeeded to change genetic sequence within a chromosome. CRISPR/Cas9 has also been used by a joint US-UK research effort on pigs, goats, and cattle to create sperm with genetically enhanced traits for possible offsprings.

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New breeding techniques / Monthly watch May 2020

In May, the European Union unveiled its Farm to Fork strategy, the agri-food component of its Green Deal. Genetic engineering is timidly included, with reference to the European Commission’s ongoing study on the potential of new genomic techniques to improve sustainability throughout the food supply chain.

New variety breeding techniques / Monthly watch April 2020

This April has seen several studies, reports, interviews concerning new variety breeding technologies published.
From the US, the USDA released a report on biotechnology in the United Kingdom, saying that in the short term, the United Kingdom is unlikely to change its legislation, due to the proximity to the EU.