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Portada » News » Wine market and CAP – European wine sector: certain assets…

Wine market and CAP – European wine sector: certain assets…


BRUSSELS, December 6, 2019 – The global wine market is growing (x2 in 15 years) and highly internationalized (45 wines are exported).

The EU is the world’s largest wine-producing player: the world’s largest producer, largest consumer, largest exporter and importer of wine.

45 of the world’s surface (3.3 million ha), 60 of production (156 million hl), 57 of consumption and 58 of exports by volume (60.6 million hl) and 64 in value (20.3 billion euros).

On the strength of these results, the EU is well ahead of:

  • the “new” world: USA, Chile, Argentina, Australia, South Africa;
  • and even more the “new” world: China, India, Brazil, some Eastern countries.

Finally, nearly 90 of the sector is made up of SMEs.

… and challenges to be met without delay!

However, these performances mask developments that must challenge all players in the European wine sector: the EU is losing market share

  • volume (80 in 2000 but 65 in 2018… -15);
  • (78 in 2000 and 71 in 2018… -7 ).

This is particularly the case for France, which lost 11 in volume and 21 in value between 2000 and 2018.

Every effort must therefore be made to strengthen and develop the performance of the European Wine Member States, whose exports amount to EUR 22.6 billion and a vital contribution to the employment and added value of The European wine regions.


Commission and the legislature, attention and concrete measures to:

  • Promote European wines;
  • Support investment to accelerate the spread of new digital technologies that promote environmental and economic performance;
  • positively encourage the transition of our agricultural systems within the framework of a renewed partnership, based on trust and results to be achieved, between farmers-wine-growers and European citizens;
  • guarantee the recognition and protection of GIs and PDOs in all international agreements.

For the European wine regions represented by the AREV, wine is an asset of notoriety, its trade an opportunity to cultivate. In this context, the AREV welcomes the creation of the observatory of vines and wine recently set up and called for its wishes for many years.