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Measures and impacts related to the Covid-19 crisis / Monthly watch November 2020

10/28 France: milk and livestock sectors part of COVID recovery plan

Among the requested aids is the support for the protein autonomy of farms (100 million euros), the modernisation of slaughterhouses (€130 million), the “Biosecurity and animal welfare in farming” pact (€100 million) and training in collective bargaining for producer organizations (€4 million).

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Wine sector / Monthly watch September/October 2020

During the months of September and October, the world of wine has been characterized by harvests. According to the annual OIV estimates, after the exceptionally high production of 2018, for the second consecutive year, the 2020 world wine production volume is expected to be below average. At the institutional level, the Parliament and the Agriculture Council have adopted their negotiating position on the reform of the CAP. Regarding wine and planting authorizations, both Parliament and the Council have approved an extension of planting authorizations until 2050 and 2040 respectively. In the Boeing-Airbus dispute, the WTO, after having authorized the United States to impose punitive tariffs of $ 7.5 billion on exports from the European Union a year ago, has now authorized the EU to impose tariffs of $ 4 billion dollars on US goods. The EU wine sector has been the collateral victim of that dispute, facing a hefty 25% additional duty in exports to the US and the wine sector is concerned about a possible tariff escalation.

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AREV welcomes the European Parliament’s vote on the next CAP reform

The European Parliament voted in favor ofa policy with common agricultural, environmental and social ambitions for all the territories of the European Union,a policy to reconcile the economy and the environment, (relying in particular on innovation, digital and precision agriculture) both in the first and the second pillar, a transparent policy in its management of European funds and able to demonstrate its effectiveness and measure the its results.This EP’s position answers to the main concerns of AREV.

CAP reform: the European Parliament hands over the “c” and a european ambition to the cap

The European Parliament and the Council of Agriculture Ministers have just defined the architecture and the main lines of CAP reform that they intend to see implemented from 2023 and that they will defend during the negotiations which will start from November in the presence of the Commission (trilogues).