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AREV welcomes the European Parliament’s vote on the next CAP reform

The European Parliament voted in favor ofa policy with common agricultural, environmental and social ambitions for all the territories of the European Union,a policy to reconcile the economy and the environment, (relying in particular on innovation, digital and precision agriculture) both in the first and the second pillar, a transparent policy in its management of European funds and able to demonstrate its effectiveness and measure the its results.This EP’s position answers to the main concerns of AREV.

AREV asks the European Commission for an extraordinary budget for the urgent revival of the wine market by Covid-19

The President of the Assembly of European Wine Regions (AREV), Emiliano García-Page, addressed a letter to President Ursula von der Leyen, asking for her support in view of the current crisis in the sector caused by COVID19.
In addition to a recovery plan, AREV suggested the creation of a high-level group responsible for proposing measures to help revive the European wine sector affected by the pandemic.