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WINE TOURISM: an enrichment for wine products and wine heritage

Mr. Paul DUBRULE’s report, elaborated at the request of the Ministers for Agriculture and Tourism, Dominique Bussereau and Leon BERTRAND, presented on the 18th of April 2007.

In the report, titled “Wine Tourism: an enrichment for wine products and wine heritage”, proposals are organized around four axes: the construction of a common culture, the increase in the legibility of the tourist offer, the networking of wine tourism with other forms of tourism and the joint training of involved actors.


Report P. Dubrule
VINTUR: The European Space of Wine Tourism

The Vintur idea was introduced with the aim of bringing together the Wine Towns and Regions with a new common strategy of wine tourism, focusing on product quality, sustainable development and protection of the wine growing and producing culture and the natural environment of each region.

Vintur’s three specific ains are:

- to improve operational co-ordination of the network of Wine Towns and regions using new co-operation and exchange tools.

- To start the exchange of knowledge and technologies through improved information management and transfer processes.

- to develop actions and methodologies aimed at boosting a quality wine tourism offer.

Three tools were created in order to achieve these aims: firstly, the virtual platform (www.vintur.org), a valid means for the exchange of knowledge, secondly the European Wine Tourism Charter and thirdly the Vademecum, i.e.: the methodology for implementing the principles and objectives expressed in the Charter.


The European Wine Tourism Charter