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Summary of achievements

• Summary of wine tourism initiatives implemented in Arad County:

1. Wine Hostel “Wine Princess” in Miniş, Arad

The recently opened hostel, with its main building shaped like a wine barrel, offers accommodation for 30 tourists. Wine tasting is offered at Wine Princess wine cellar in Pauliş. The friendly owner welcomes the visitors by his warmth and hospitality. He presents with true passion the story of the Minis vineyards and wines, its bygone and today’s state. The wines and their exciting stories. The legends. The project was financed trough SAPARD programme.
- Project organizer: private sector, Wine Princess srl, Arad

2. Wine tasting at “Wine Princess” Wine Cellar in Păuliş, Arad

The wine-cellars’ storage capacity is 5.000 hl. With distinguished soil conditions and the climate, Minis creates the prides of this wine-growing region, the red wines. The Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Burgund and the local Cadarca, are offered for tasting. White wines are also offered: Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer, Feteasca Regala, Pinot Gris, Italian Riesling or the local Mustoasa de Maderat.
- Project organizer: private sector, Wine Princess srl, Arad

3. Wine Hostel “Geza & Monica” in Miniş, Arad

The hostel is an attractive old village house that belonged to a former aristocrat. It is situated on the outskirts of the wine village of Minis, in the Zarand Hills. It is providing accommodation for 12 people in comfortable rooms with antique furniture. The guests are indulged with traditional cuisine in a renowned restaurant with 30 places. The host is truly charming and can usually arrange a visit to the vineyards and offers wine tasting of the local wines.
- Project organizer: private sector, srl Arad

4. Wine tasting at “Elite Wine” Mâsca, Arad

Offers white and red wines for tasting: Merlot de Miniş. Merlot Rose, Mustoasă de Măderat.
- Project organizer: private sector, Elite Wine srl, Mâsca, Arad

5. Wine tasting at Pâncota Wine Cellar in Pâncota, Arad

Medium size wine cellar offers wine tasting of their superior or noble DOC wines: Burgund de Minş, Cadarcă de Miniş, Mustoasă de Măderat.
- Project organizer: private sector, Fabber srl, Pâncota, Arad

6. Wine tasting at Paven Wine Cellar in Mâsca, Arad

Small size wine cellar which offers superior red and white wines for tasting combined with traditional cuisine.
- Project organizer: private sector, Pivniţele Paven, Mâsca, Arad.

7. “Wine Celebration in the Vineyards”, wine festival in Arad vineyards

The events were held between 12 and 20 September in the localities situated along the Miniş-Măderat Vineyards. The organizers propose the tasting of grapes and wines or to assist to various traditional folk music and dance performances. Visiting of the touristic attraction of the area, apart from the wine cellars, such as the Wine Museum and the Honey Museum in Miniş, the Transportation Museum in Ghioroc, or the "Ioan Slavici and Emil Montia" Memorial Museum in Şiria, was included in the festival offer.
- Project organizer: public sector, Arad County Council, Arad County’s Cultural Center and Local Councils of Pauliş, Covăsânţ, Şiria and Pâncota

8. Wine Route: County road rehabilitation

The project objective consists in the rehabilitation of the county road between Păuliş-Ghioroc-Covăsânţ-Şiria, with a total length of 24 km and a budget of 15 millions euro funded trough the Regional Operational Programme, EU ERDF.
- Project organizer: public sector, Arad County Council

9. Wine Museum in Miniş, Arad.

The museum, opened in 1988, displays archaeological finds, tools, installations, documents and photos related to the history of viticulture and winemaking referring to one of the oldest vine growing areas from Romania.
- Project organizer: public sector, Arad County Museum

10. Arad Wine Tourism Blog.

The Arad Wine Tourism blog is an Arad County Council initiative in order to develop a communication instrument regarding wine tourism in the Arad County.
- Project organizer: public sector, Arad County Council

11. Working group “ Cadarca” in the DKMT Euroregion

This working group was established in order to preserve this specific wine sort as the main “asset” for the wine tourism offer.
- Project organizer: public DKMT Euroregion


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Until the apparition of Arad Wine Tourism blog, the communication process around wine tourism projects was dissipated and was up to each and every one of the projects organizers. The Arad Wine Tourism blog is the Arad County Council initiative in order to develop a broad communication instrument regarding all wine tourism issues in the Arad Count


Future projects

To create a public private partnership by establishing a Local Action Group in Arad Vineyards, in order to ensure the sustainable development of the area using EU funding trough LEADER programme. Wine tourism in to the Arad Vineyards should be one of the strategic approaches to the local economic development of the area




- “Wine Princess” Wine hostel and Wine cellar

Balla Geza
Office in Arad: Str. O. Goga nr. 26, Arad, Romania,
Postal Code: 310028
Tel: +
Office in Păuliş:Păuliş, nr. 583, jud. Arad
Tel/Fax: +40.257.388.045
Email office@wineprincess.ro

- “Geza & Monica” - Wine hostel
Tudos Geza
Pensiunea Agroturistică Geza & Monica
Minis, nr.37 Arad , Romania
Tel + 40.257.461.415 , +40.723.768.723

- Pâncota Wine Cellar
Fabber srl,
str Tudor Vladimirescu 95, Pâncota, Arad, Romania
Tel/fax +40.257.467.480
Email: fabberprod1@clicknet.ro,

- Paven Wine Cellar
Pivniţele Paven
Mâsca, Nr. 321, Arad, Romania
Tel: +40745615606

- Arad County Council
Mihaela Stănescu
Consiliul Judeţean Arad
str. Corneliu Coposu nr. 22, 310003 Arad, Romania;
tel. +40 257 281600; fax. +40 357 731288;
Email: consiliu@cjarad.ro,

- DKMT - Euroregion
Danube-Kris-Mures-Tisa Euroregion
Tabor ut.7/B 6722, Szeged, Hungary
Tel: +36 62.543.165
Fax: +36 62.543.166
Email: office@dkmt.hu


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