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A force of dialogue and proposal

The Regions play a crucial role in the implementation of the major principles of partnership and subsidiarity at European level in that they represent European citizens, not as individuals as within the European Parliament, but as living communities.


The transferral to European power of the duties and scope of activities that until then were under the responsibility of national authorities, in the fields of agriculture, the environment, international trade and taxation, provided justification for developing dialogue between Europe and the Regions.

Prior to such dialogue between the Regions and Brussels, opposing views aimed at pulling out common interests was a necessary part of the process, requiring the formation of a “European Parliament of Wines and Vines”.

In order to initiate a joint review of European wine policy and voice the opinions both of regional executives and representatives of appellation and winegrowing areas, the European Wine Regions Conference (CERV) was created in 1988 in Bourg-sur-Gironde/Aquitaine, on the initiative of Presidents Edgar Faure and Jacques Chaban-Delmas along with Gérard Baloup, director of Local and Regional Authorities at the Council of Europe.

As a framework for dialogue and proposal, this combined political and industry forum allowed, perhaps not always common views to be reached, but at the very least enabled conflicting positions to be clarified, misunderstandings to be resolved, and gradually paved the way for a common denominator to emerge and become more substantial with each session.

To improve efficiency, CERV took on new statutes in 1994 in Marsala, Sicily, and became officially known as the Assembly of European Wine Regions (AREV), the depositary of the entire associate, organisational and moral heritage of the former CERV.




Three founders of AREV: Edgar Faure, Jacques Chaban-Delmas and Gérard Baloup


Former CERV / AREV Presidents: Edgar Faure, Carlo Bernini, Jordi Pujol, Jacques Blanc, Luis Braga da Cruz, Pedro Sanz, Arlindo Cunha, Luis Durnwalder

Former CEPV Chairman: Pierre Perromat, Reinhard Muth, Claudio Rosso

Former Secretaries General: Gérard Baloup, Georges Roucou, Jean-Pierre Van Ruyskensvelde, Manuel Cabral, Javier Erro, Nuno Almeida, Herbert Dorfmann, Jean Paul Angers